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Bespoke Treatment Barbados

At Bespoke Treatment Barbados we provide exclusive health and well being treatment utilising nature based therapy and traditional psychotherapy in a Caribbean setting. Our services cater for those struggling with a range of issues such as: Stress, Anxiety, Burn-Out, Trauma, Depression, Relationship and Sleep problems.

We also provide secondary treatment for those that are struggling with alcohol and drug use.

What does Bespoke Treatment Barbados provide?

Via our nature based therapy, physical and nutritional therapy  and psychotherapy we can provide bespoke one to one treatment as well as programmes for couples and families.


Whether you are dealing with stress, anxiety, burn-out, trauma, depression or relationship and sleep problems, or need to sustain your drug and alcohol abstinence, we can design a programme to meet your needs. We also treat physical issues caused by menopause, thyroid issues and endocrine problems.

Why continue to struggle when a solution is a click away?

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